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March update 2018- Please participate by taking that extra moment to pick up anything that shouldn't be left lying on the ground and toss it into one of our trash bins. In addition, please do your part to pick up your brass and casings when you are done shooting. It is so much nicer to leave each bay in a cleaner condition than when you got there. We now have a recycling bin near the Main Range.

President's request to clean up after yourself after every shooting activity. The equipment (suggestion] you use [or not use] is your option and decision.  JUST PICK UP, CONTAIN, AND REMOVE your own waste - THIS IS THE MESSAGE from the President. PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF.

FULL-SIZE SHOVELS are the ONLY equipment that you must bring to the range. Do not shovel rocks into the trash cans if you use the shovel to clean up your brass and broken targets.
Pick up your brass and casings AFTER Every range visit. Leave it better than you found it.

SUGGESTIVE, TO assist you with clean-up.
SUGGESTED TOOLS to help you clean up. Bring equipment with you to the range to help clean-up.
Brass pickers
Deposit in brass buckets
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Why do I have to bring tarps to the club. I have never brought tarps before.

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Don't worry. It is just a suggestion. You do not have to bring a tarp!


Are you coming? Please join us
We are cooking for you. 2 Firearm demonstrations planned. Two dozen swap meet tables to SELL, TRADE, BUY...... MEMBERS DAY OPEN SHOOTING
Please let us know if you are coming and how many. We want to order enough food for everybody.

PICNIC MARCH 31 2018 SATURDAY 9AM-2PM  -RSVP requested

Food served - 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
POTLUCK and cooked hamburgers, hotdogs, trimmings
Swap Meet 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. (rsvp if you want a table spot)
OPEN Shooting - All day, bays open FULL MEMBERS and guests
Military firearms - 9am-3pm
Cowboy Action demonstration 10am-noon