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If you want to work on our range, please contact us today.
Send to----->(attach to email)
Address your inquiry to Richard Saylors, Range Director


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Richard Saylors

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Part Time Job Description : WEGC Rangemaster
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Job Summary: 
Part time Position (20 -30 hrs weekly)
Salary / Wages negotiable

The Range Officer is responsible for the safety of all West End Gun Club (WEGC) members, guests and staff. He/she has extensive knowledge about the operation of firearms of all types and may be called upon to offer assistance to shooters using the supervised rifle and pistol range under his direct control. His/her primary duty is to conduct and supervise safe shooting activities and range operations for all WEGC members and guests at all times. The Range Officer will provide range orientation for new Limited members. He/she will work with the Range Director and the WEGC Board of Directors and Officers to ensure that the entire facility and all operations are maintained to the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Prior military / law enforcement experience is preferred. 

Immediate Supervisor: WEGC Range Director

Job Responsibilities: 
1. Open, supervise and close Limited Member range facilities on Fridays / Saturdays / Sundays
2. Supervise access and use of back ranges by WEGC Full Members on Fridays / Saturdays / Sundays
2. Ensure member adherence to WEGC by-Laws and WEGC range policies and procedures. 
3. Monitor all activity at the range while on duty 
4. Assist WEGC member’s appropriate lane and target operation 
5. Occasionally supervise and smoothly execute instructional programs and shooting events 
6. Know and follow emergency response plans when required 
7. Prepare written incident reports for WEGC Officers and Board of Directors as needed
8. Sell Limited Memberships and miscellaneous range supplies 
9. Maintain the range in a neat / clean manner per WEGC Policies and Procedures
10. Maintain positive relationships the WEGC membership
11. Attend and successfully complete all training as required by WEGC 
12. Work as a professional / “team player” with all staff, Officers and members of the Board of Directors
13. Communicate in a professional and courteous manner with everyone 
14. Maintain a well-groomed and professional appearance at all times 
15. Adhere to WEGC By-Laws, policies and procedures at all times 

Additional Responsibilities: Special projects as assigned by the WEGC Range Director

Physical Requirements: Be in good overall health for outside work, able to lift 70 lbs, and be able to stand or sit for extended periods 

21 years or older
Maintain National Rifle Association membership for the duration of employment at WEGC 
Legally be able to own firearms in California
Familiarity / proficiency with a wide variety of firearms and generally accepted range safety procedures
Basic First aid and Gunshot Trauma Care training (WEGC will provide for otherwise qualified candidates)
Possess a High School Diploma or equivalent 
Be highly self-motivated and able to work without direction 
Naturally friendly with positive daily attitude 
Ability to multi-task and prioritize responsibilities 
Excellent communication skills to interface diplomatically with members and guests
Ability to carry out directives efficiently 
** Once hired, the WEGC Range Officer must pass the NRA Certified Range Officer test and maintain certification**

Please e-mail resume or expression of interest to:

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Richard Saylors


West End Gun Club      we have a new PO box
P.O. Box 4379
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new range address (DO NOT SEND MAIL HERE)
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