Author Topic: November 17 2019 WEGC Centerfire and NRL 22 Rimfire Match -AAR and Scores Added  (Read 1912 times)

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Match starts: November 17, 2019 @ 7:30 AM · Match ends: November 17, 2019 @ 2:00 PM

Location: WEGC

Precision Bolt Rifle / Semi auto enthusiasts, Come on out for the November 17 2019 PBR. Bring 70+ rounds and all your usual gear. Looks to be good weather, and the range is accessible.

We will also run through the NRL 22 COF so bring your 22 rifle. NRL 22 Match entry is $10 cash, we will collect that separately if you shoot the 22 match.

Have your rifle zeroed and your dope figured before Sunday please. We will only take payment through Practiscore. You will not be accepted into the match without prior payment.
We are only accepting the first 24 shooters into the match (that's all our range will hold).
Please don't hesitate to sign-up and also don't forget to drop if for some reason you cant make it!! IF YOU DON'T DROP FROM THE MATCH USING YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL YOU WILL BE PUT ON THE WAIT LIST THE FOLLOWING MONTH IF YOU TRY TO SIGN UP!! Please open your spot if you're not going to make it!!
See you all Sunday morning!
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Nov 17 Match Results and COF

Thanks everyone for coming out to the match, and for helping move some stuff to the CONX box on the new range. Hopefully we'll be shooting up there soon.

James did great, winning both the centerfire and NRL22 matches. Followed up with Geoffrey in second and James in 3rd. Big thanks to Travis for throwing in some shirts for prizes, the FNG's got first pick.

We had 5 FNG's show up, that is quite a turnout! Hope to see you all again at our next match.

We ran just the 5 stages for the NRL 22 November COF. Was fun to get some more shooting in. Again, James Jeffries took first spot, followed by Paul, then James Atkins.

Nov 17 Centerfire COF
All gear except for mag must be within arms reach at all times when taking a shot. No leaving gear behind. All gear must start in hand in stowed and locked configuration. Setup will be performed on the clock.

Area 1:
Kill Wile E. Coyote
Time: 120 sec
Gear: Unlimited
Round Count: 10, 10 points max
Target: 150 Coyote, 270 Coyote, 320Y Coyote
Starting position: Standing MIBB.

Shooter engages 150 Coyote with 3 shots from standing. Then transitions to kneeling and engages 270Y Coyote with 3 shots. Then transitions to unsupported prone and engages 320Y Coyote for the remaining 4 shots.

Only Way to Go is Up
9 rounds, 9 points max, 120 sec par time, any gear
Start standing MIBB. OTB from bottom ladder rung engage 270 Coyote with 2 rounds and engage 320 Coyote with 1 shot from prone. Repeat from next rung up. Repeat from 4th rung up.
Prop: Ladder. 320Y Coyote, 270Y Coyote

Barrel Race (Tiebreaker Stage)
Time: 120 sec
Gear: Any
Targets: Coyote targets
Round Count: 10 10 points max
Starting MIBB, and barrel starts front-back. After every shot, shooter must change barrel position from front-back to sideways, and back again. Shoot in this order: T2, T3, T1, T3, T2, T1, T2, T3, T1, T3

Area 1 Targets
T1 150 Coyote
T1 270 Coyote
T3 320 Coyote

Area 2:
Sideways Rooftop
Par time 120 sec. Round count (10), any gear. All gear goes with shooter and must be within arms reach. Shooter and all equipment must be on top of the rooftop, nothing touches the ground. Rooftops placed as shown.

Targets – 150 small popper, 320 8” Popper
OTB shooter engages 150 small popper with 1 shot, then 320 8” popper with one shot from left roof. Then transition to right roof engage 220 popper and 320 popper. Then transition to left roof engage 150 popper and 320 popper. Transition to right roof and engage 220 popper and 320 popper. Transition to left roof and engage 150 popper and 320 popper.

Out of Order
8 rounds, 8 points max. No gear restriction. 90 sec par time.
Start standing 5 feet behind, MIBB, all gear in hand. OTB shooter goes prone and engages targets with 1 shot each in the following order:
220 4” popper, 320 8” popper, 150 small popper, 220 6” popper, 150 small popper, 320 8” popper, 220 4” popper, 320 8” popper.

10 rounds, 10 points max, no gear restriction, 120s par time. 320Y 8”, 220Y 6”
Starting position: Rifle grounded, Standing behind the rifle with magazine in hand

On the beep, shooter will grab a piece of paper with the order in which they must shoot the targets. (Ex: 1,2,3) Shooter will call out the order before they start shooting. Shooter will engage the targets till time expires or run out of rounds. Hit to move on.

150 small popper
220 4” popper
220 6” popper
320 8” popper
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