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WEGC PBR June 20, 2020 (Saturday)
« on: June 11, 2020, 06:00:40 PM »
Match starts: June 20, 2020 @ 7:30 AM · Match ends @ 2:00 PM

Location: WEGC

Precision Bolt Rifle / Semi auto enthusiasts, Come on out for the monthly PBR match. Bring 70+ rounds and all your usual gear. Looks to be good weather, and the range is accessible. We are moving to the upper range, please plan on helping move targets and materials from the CONX box on the main range to our CONX box on the upper range.

Due to COVID, we will restrict the match to 16 shooters (2 squads with 8 shooters each). This should be our first time on a Saturday, and the first time we shoot at the upper range. I'll open the match to registration on Monday prior to the match, I need to check with the rangemaster that we are good to go on the upper range. We cannot move to the lower range on a Saturday, due to other matches in progress.

Keep in mind we will need at least 5 shooters to sign up to hold the match, so I'll send an email to all shooters the night before either way.

Have your rifle zeroed and your dope figured before Sunday please. We will only take payment through Practiscore. You will not be accepted into the match without prior payment.
We are only accepting the first 16 shooters into the match in order to comply with health restrictions.
Please don't hesitate to sign-up and also don't forget to drop if for some reason you cant make it!! IF YOU DON'T DROP FROM THE MATCH USING YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL YOU WILL BE PUT ON THE WAIT LIST THE FOLLOWING MONTH IF YOU TRY TO SIGN UP!! Please open your spot if you're not going to make it!!
See you all Saturday morning!
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Re: WEGC PBR June 20, 2020 (Saturday) With AAR and Scores
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2020, 11:09:49 PM »
June 20, 2020 PBR Match AAR

We had 7 shooters including myself, and this is the first time we've been on the upper range. This match was on the Third Saturday, which is where our match will be held going forward.

Thanks for the help moving some of our stuff up to the new range. I plan to install some shelving and benches before moving everything.

We had a couple new shooters, who represented well. Following NRL rules, newbies get coached through the stages, while the pros do not get any help or feedback at all. One shooter, Brandon, had his rounds loaded too long to mag feed, and shot the whole match single loading. Took 5th, and made excellent shots, very few misses as I recall. George took 3rd,

I beat William by tiebreak. You would think it is because I wrote the COF, but I can look at a COF I wrote, and have no memory of writing it. The stages both present and past all blend together and rarely anymore does a single stage stand out. A few months ago, I took a bunch of COF's from my own, and various NRL and PRS matches, and collected and categorized the stages. So now I think of them by categories first, then details a distant second. As follows:
Prone stages
Barricade stages
Move fast stages (usually single load, or more than 3 positions)
Movers and Spinners
KYL, TYL and similar
Find the target on the clock
and so on.

Anyway, enough babbling, here is the COF.

WEGC June 19th, 2020 PBR Match COF

Shots within 0.300 seconds of beep count
Rifle must be flagged at all times except when on the line and commanded to load and make ready

Does shooter understand Course Of Fire? Shooter acknowledges that they are ready

Load and Make Ready
means shooter loads magazine, removes flag (rifle must always point in safe direction)

Standby (RO starts timer)
Timer beep starts and stops shooting time, shooter engages targets until time over or out of ammo

means time has ended, stop shooting

Cease Fire!
unsafe condition requires immediate cease fire and unloading of your rifle (Applies to the entire line)

STOP! or Muzzle!
means shooter is about to do something unsafe and is being warned to correct the condition

Area 1:
Stage 1 Only Way to Go is Up
9 shots, 9 points max., 120 second, Gear restrictions: None
Starting port arms MIBB. Upon start signal engage T4 with 1 round from prone. Transition to bottom ladder rung engage T3 with 2 rounds. Move to prone, engage T2 with 1 round. Engage T1 from next higher ladder rung 2 rounds. Move to prone, engage T4 with 1 round. Engage T3 from next higher ladder rung 2 rounds.

Stage 2, One Round at a time
8 rounds, 8 points max, 120 sec. Gear restrictions: None.
Starting position – Rifle on ground in position 1 (left), NO PREP, SET RIFLE DOWN, LOAD MAG, GO TO START POSITION!!! 1 round in mag. Shooter standing behind rifle. Remaining rounds on ground 10 feet behind shooter. Engage T2 from left position. Engage T4 from right position. Alternate positions every shot.

Stage 3: 20 Second Shoot
Start Position- Standing, Port Arms, MIBB, no prep time.
Upon start command, shooter goes prone and engages T3 with as many shots as they can shoot in 20 seconds.
Round Count: 10 max per magazine, or you may single load after 10
Allowed Equipment: Any, but you only need 1 bag
20 seconds

Area 1 Target List:
T1 220Y 8” target on hangar, T2 4” at 220Y on hangar, T3 8” target at 330 on hangar, T4 6” at 330Y on hangar

Area 2
Stage 4: Pack Support
8 shots, 8 points max, 120s.
Start port arms MIBB. OTB shooter supports their rifle using their backpack. Engage 1 round per target in the following order: T5, T7, T6, T8, T5, T7, T6, T8
Record Time For Tiebreaker!

Stage 5 Bench
1 Bench, staged normal direction
9 shots max, 9 points max, 90s
Starting standing on ground MIBB, port arms. Upon start signal, move to bench and engage T5 with 2 rounds and T7 with 1 round. Move to prone and engage T6 with 1 rounds and T5 with 1 round. Move to bench and engage T5 with 2 rounds and T7 with 1 round.

Stage 6 Chairs (was barrels, but I forgot to move the barrels to the new range)
8 rounds, 8 points max, 120S par time, start standing MIBB
3 Chairs, arranged left to right: Chair 1 seat facing range, Chair 2 seat facing left, Chair 3 seat facing right.
Chair 1, T5, T6 1 shot each off back of chair
Chair 2, off seat, T5 2 shots
Chair 3, off seat, T5, 2 shots
Chair 2, off seat, T7 1 shot, T5 1 shot

In retrospect, we had too many shots on the close popper, which took a beating.

Area 2 Target list:
T5 100 4" Popper, T6 199 6” popper, T7 8" 290 popper, T8 300y bell
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Re: WEGC PBR June 20, 2020 (Saturday)
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