Author Topic: Saturday June 19 PBR Match -W/ COF and Scores  (Read 865 times)

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Saturday June 19 PBR Match -W/ COF and Scores
« on: June 12, 2021, 10:49:07 AM »
Hi Everyone,

We will run a match this upcoming Saturday. As the ammo and reloading shortage continues, I expect attendance will continue to be light. This will be run as a match, so come  with your rifle zeroed and ready to go.

Bring 70+ rounds

When: Saturday June 19, 2021. Check in begins no later than 0745. Target setup to approx. 0830. Match briefing starts at 0830. Shooting starts immediately after match briefing and squadding are completed.
Where: West End Gun Club upper rifle range. Non-WEGC members will check in with the Range Officer's office at the public range and indicate visiting to participate in the PBR match at the upper range. Please watch your speed your entire time as you drive through the range for safety and dust control (5 mph on WEGC range property).

2200 Meyers Canyon Rd
San Bernardino, CA 92407

This address resolves in Google Maps.

Cost is $20 for all shooters

Registration Link:

There will be two additional hard copy waivers to be filled out during match check-in, specifically COVID-19 related.

While this match has been approved to resume at the West End Gun Club facility, we must enforce COVID-19 specific guidelines to mitigate threat of infection. While we encourage guests and observers, the sharing of equipment to help new shooters and a more personable environment, we will be enforcing some rules that counter those ideals.

This match enacts the following:

First and foremost, if you suspect that you are ill, DO NOT attend the match.

Face coverings (e.g. mask, bandanna, balaclava, neck-gaiter) are required and will be worn at all times, except when live firing a stage in the course of fire. Participants are encouraged to maintain the face covering while firing a stage whenever possible.

Participants should be cognizant of others and maintain the 6-foot social distancing guideline.

No walk-in registrations or cash transactions. All registrations and fees must be conducted on Practiscore prior to the match day.

Registrants who have not filled out a WEGC waiver for the 2021 calendar year should fill out the waiver online prior to match day at

This match will be capped. If you are not pre-registered via Practiscore and did not receive an approval and squad assignment, DO NOT come to the venue on match day. There will be no walk ons. We must minimize the number of people at the venue due to the logistics of the upper rifle range.

Refrain from bringing non-shooting guests to the match. We must minimize the number of people at the venue due to the logistics of the upper rifle range.

Who: Any rifle shooter is always encouraged. This match is optimized for precision bolt action rifles.
What: The cost will be $20 for all shooters. The official round count varies depending on what the COF (Course Of Fire) I or my colleagues dream up for the month. 70 rounds is typically enough.
Range Rules:


WEGC is a cold range.

Keep driving speed down to 15 mph on the road to the entry gate, and 5 mph on the range. This is for everyone's safety. Enforcement may lead to violators being asked to go home without shooting the match.

All competitors and guests must sign a waiver to be on range property or to shoot.
0730 - Begin check In, range waivers, target setup
0830 - Safety briefing.
0900 - Squad assignments and begin CoF.
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Re: Saturday June 19 PBR Match
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2021, 08:04:37 PM »
We had 4 shooters including myself. Here is the COF:

WEGC June 19th, 2021 PBR Match COF

Shots within 0.300 seconds of beep count
Rifle must be flagged at all times except when on the line and commanded to load and make ready

Does shooter understand Course Of Fire? Shooter acknowledges that they are ready
Load and Make Ready means shooter loads magazine, removes flag (rifle must always point in safe direction)
Standby  Timer beep starts and stops shooting time, shooter engages targets until time over or out of ammo
Time! means time has ended, stop shooting
Cease Fire!, unsafe condition requires immediate cease fire and unloading of your rifle
STOP! or Muzzle! means shooter is about to do something unsafe and is being warned to correct the condition

MIBB = Mag In, Bolt Back
OTB = On The Beep

Props needed:
T1 = 150 4”
T2 = 200 6”
T3 = 300 coyote
T4 = 400 6”
T5 = 400 coyote

Stage 1 Cold Bore - Modified
3 shots, 5 points max (5 for first round hit, 3 for second round it, 1 for third round hit, only first impact counts for points). 30 second prep, 30 second shoot, Gear restrictions: None
Note: 2 prepared shooting positions needed.
Upon previous shooter’s start signal, next shooter starts 30 second prep in the next available shooting position.
Upon start signal, shooter engages T4 from prone until with up to 3 shots in 30 second time window.

Stage 2 Only Way to Go is Up
9 shots, 9 points max., 120 second, Gear restrictions: None
Starting port arms MIBB. Upon start signal, alternate from prone at target T4 to Ladder Rung target T2. Each ladder engagement must go up one rung until all 9 shots are fired.

Stage 3, One Round at a time
8 rounds, 8 points max, 120 sec. Gear restrictions: None.
Starting position – Rifle on ground in position 1 (left), NO PREP, SET RIFLE DOWN, LOAD MAG, GO TO START POSITION!!! 1 round in mag. Shooter standing behind rifle. Remaining rounds on ground 10 feet behind shooter. Engage T2 from left position. Engage T4 from right position. Alternate positions every shot.

Stage 4: Pack Support
8 shots, 8 points max, 120s.
Start port arms MIBB. OTB shooter supports their rifle using their backpack. Engage 1 round per target in the following order: T4, T1, T3, T2, T4, T1, T5, T2
Record Time For Tiebreaker!

Stage 5 Bench
1 Bench, staged normal direction
9 shots max, 9 points max, 90s
Starting standing on ground MIBB, port arms. Upon start signal, move to bench and engage T5 with 2 rounds and T2 with 1 round. Move to prone and engage T4 with 1 rounds and T5 with 1 round. Move to bench and engage T5 with 2 rounds and T5 with 2 rounds.

Stage 6: Stangskyting
Unlimited rounds, 5 rounds per magazine.
Start prone, behind rifle, MIBB.
30 sec par time. OTB shooter engages target as many times as they can.
Target T4

Stage 7: Barricade Hell
No prep, 120s par time, 9 rounds. Targets: T1, T3, T5. sling and bag only.
OTB shooter starts on lowest address. Engage targets near to far. If shooter clears all 3 targets, the address expires. If at any time the shooter misses, that address expires. In either case, shooter starts the next address (higher barricade position) and again engages targets from near to far. Repeat for last address. Once all 3 addresses expire, stage is over.
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Re: Saturday June 19 PBR Match -W/ COF and Scores
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2021, 08:14:11 AM »

Erik took first with 45 points, doing great on many of the stages, and cleaning two of them. John pulled ahead of me on a couple stages, taking second place and putting me in third. Jeff is learning the game and doing well, did quite well on the barricade stage with 6 points for a solid score of 17. Nice day, and we finished right around noon.
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