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Liberty 556:
3Gun is held the 4th Saturday of every month. It is a tactical-style match using barricades, doors, and various other props. You will get a lot of experience shooting from different positions (standing, sitting, prone), shooting on the move, reloading, shooting from cover, shooting through barricade openings, etc.
Folks who are new to 3Gun or to shooting matches in general are encouraged to come on out and give it a try. We offer a fun, casual and relaxed shooting experience. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. As this is not a sanctioned match such as IPSC, you will find more shooters here just for the fun of a day shooting.
The only thing we do take seriously is SAFETY.
Signups will start at 7:30 and the shooter briefing at 8:00.

As a general rule of thumb, bring 100 rounds of pistol, 100 rounds of rifle, 100 lead birdshot or un-plated lead buckshot, and maybe 10 shotgun slugs. That will get you through any match with ammo to spare.

The match consists of 5 courses of fire – 4 held in bays ranging from 20 to 80 yds. deep, and the 5th often held in the “back 40” which gives us up to 200+ yds. The stages vary each month, and often use a combination of firearms.

Scoring used is shoot to neutralize.
Targets can be steel, paper, clay birds, etc.
We generally follow the USPSA Multigun rules.

For equipment;
Bring however many pistol magazines you need to carry about 40 rounds, the same for rifle mags. You will need some sort of shotshell carrier for reloading your shotgun during the stage, be it shell “strippers”, a dump bag, pants-pockets, etc.
If your rifle is good for targets from 3 yards out to 200 yards, you are good to go. We occasionally make shotgun slug hits out to 80 yards or so.
Any pistol holster that completely covers the trigger and safely retains the gun during vigorous movement is fine, though speed holsters will put you in Open Division. No shoulder or cross-draw holsters are allowed.  Slings for your long guns are not required, but they are allowed.
So long as you can operate your equipment in a safe and sane manner, you are good to go.
Our first priority is safety, after that we’re all about the Fun.

We have several equipment divisions for you to shoot in. From .22LR up to Heavy Metal, no matter what kind of gear you shoot, we have a place for you.

Match fee is $10 for WEGC members, $20 for West End Limited members and guest shooters.  Juniors shoot for free.
We encourage you to register for matches online at our Practiscore page:
You can also sign up for match emails here:

For more information, questions about gear or general match info, please contact match director at
Match Results are posted online via Practiscore.

Match Director: Mike Bauer
Asst. Director: Doug Marsters

7 Shooters You Know ( don’t be this guy )

WEGC 3Gun generally follows USPSA Multigun Rules, with some WEGC specific rules.
Some of the WEGC rules that 3Gun has historically followed have been updated.
The ‘3-Gun WEGC rules.pdf’ available for download below highlights most of these WEGC rules, with changes of particular note highlighted in yellow.
Match rules are subject to change without notice….


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