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December 22, 2019 PBR - NRL22 Match Report and Results
« on: December 23, 2019, 09:45:55 AM »
December 2019 (PBR) NRL22 Match Report

On December 22, the West End Gun Club Precision Bolt Rifle (PBR) discipline held the first monthly NRL22 match (4th Sunday of the month) on the Rimfire Range. The turn out for the match was strong with 24 participants. The match was well-received by the participants.

While only the first regularly scheduled NRL22 event at the WEGC, it appears the NRL22 matches at the WEGC will continue to have active participation considering the NRL22 competitive format offers a lower-cost venue (due to .22LR platform) for people to competitively shoot. Feedback from a few of the newer NRL22 shooters reflects this as a common comment on the desire to try NRL22 is cost as well the ease of entry (NRL22 is very accommodating novice shooters).

The experienced shooters in attendance were very helpful during the day, providing assistance to the newer shooters in the form of tips, advice, instruction, and equipment, as well as helping guide squads through the course of fire.

The match staff in attendance also did a great job helping with all aspect of the match logistics, including squadding, target setup and teardown, and prop setup and teardown.

The last round for the match was sent downrange before 1300 hours. The rounds fired for the match were comprised only of the official NRL22 December 2019 Course of Fire (five total stages).

Three (3) additional non-NRL22 Course of Fire stages were prepared, but due to the higher turn out and for time considerations, these were not fired. It is most likely that the monthly NRL22 matches at the WEGC will not have additional non-NRL22 course of fire stages and extra stages beyond the official NRL22 COF will be reserved for NRL22 Regional events.

The match did experience a few minor hiccups, but these were not detrimental to the completion of the match. Naturally, the PBR-NRL22 organizer(s) will learn from those issues and adjust to accommodate those factors for future matches. The PBR-NRL22 organizers are already looking into specific areas of the match logistics to optimize.

The match results were reformatted post-Practiscore for readability and are available in Excel and PDF, and show scores sorted Overall and By Class (Base and Open).

The scores will be submitted to the NRL22 to be officially counted towards the NRL22 national points race for NRL22 members.

Thank you to all who attended the match. Your participation is very appreciated and shows that an official NRL22 venue in the Southern California area has been sorely needed.

Thanks to all of those who provided assistance during the match, whether to other shooters in the form of advice, tips, and equipment, or to match as a whole by running stages and/or squads, picking up trash, helping setup or teardown props and targets, or spotting targets during another shooter's stage.
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