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Title: January 26, 2020 PBR - NRL22 Match Report and Results
Post by: ocabj on January 28, 2020, 06:52:30 AM
January 26 2019 (PBR) NRL22 Match Report

On January 26, the West End Gun Club Precision Bolt Rifle (PBR) discipline held the monthly NRL22 match (4th Sunday of the month) on the Rimfire Range. The turn out for the match was lower than last month, but still strong with 17 participants. With less shooters than the prior month, the Match Staff opted to run two-squads for the day which worked out well.

The experienced shooters in attendance were very helpful during the day, providing assistance to the newer shooters in the form of tips, advice, instruction, and equipment, as well as helping guide squads through the course of fire.

Match and safety briefing started around 0750 with live fire beginning at 0800 sharp. The last round for the match was sent downrange right at 1200 hours which included one (1) additional stage on top of the official January 2020 NRL22 Course of Fire. The bonus stage was a single-stage side match which gave away a new "Snake Charmer" steel target by Crossroads Precision Rifles, LLC (Texas) to the top scorer of that stage.

The match ran smoothly with no significant issues and the Match Staff were able to announce the scores right after the last round of match was fired.

The scores have been submitted to the NRL22 to be officially counted towards the NRL22 national points race for NRL22 members.

The scores are available in PDF (attached to this post).

Thank you to all who attended the match. Your participation is very appreciated.

Thanks to all of those who provided assistance during the match, whether to other shooters in the form of advice, tips, and equipment, or by running stages and/or squads, picking up trash, spotting targets during stages, etc.

The next NRL22 match at the WEGC will be on February 23 and registration will open on February 9.
Title: Re: January 26, 2020 PBR - NRL22 Match Report and Results
Post by: FWmH on January 28, 2020, 07:55:15 PM
Excellent report :D  I would expect it will help generate further interest!