Author Topic: MEMBERSHIP- How do I get SPONSORS FULL MEMBERSHIP for Full Member Application?  (Read 3597 times)

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Q:SPONSORS SIGNATURES - How do I get them for my FULL MEMBERSHIP Application?

A: If you are applying for FULL MEMBERSHIP, you will need to have at least 3 FULL MEMBER signatures -or- 1 Board Member signature before joining.
UPDATE- Signatures are NOT required to get on waitling list, but will be needed at the time of joining-at meeting!

mail  in application with signatures after you have obtained them to

If you do not know anyone in the club and need sponsors, here are some suggestions for you:

1. Send a request to the Board of Directors to attend a club meeting.  The club meets every second Tuesday of the month in Ontario at our clubhouse. If your requested is granted, you will be invited to introduce yourself and  tell the Board why you wish to join. Club members will be present along with Board members at the meetings. This is a good way to meet key people in the club quickly. NOTE-This is no longer available to potential members. The BoD has discontinued this practice.

2. Join as a LIMITED MEMBER. You will meet members at the club while you are there enjoying the facility F,Sat, Sun 8am-4pm. It does not take long for new members to quickly make friends, get invited to back range facilities, and join in on weekend fun.(note- since Oct 2016 Limited Membership is only taking members through a waiting list. You may meet members at the time of your application that can help to sponsor you.(note- the Limited membership is now at capacity and you will have to get on waiting list, but it is shorter than the FULL MEMBER waitlist.)

3. Come and join in on weekend activities. You will meet members and Board members at these activities. You can join in on the weekend activities without being a member and meet others that are members. Signatures are easily obtained as relationships are built.  Send an email and request to the director of one of the weekend events. They will often let you come observe and meet other members. See contacts page for more information.

CONTACT ONE or more of our DIRECTORS and ask them to sponsor you.
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