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***CANCELLED*** LESA MULTI-GUN Match – September 26, 2020
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LESA MULTI-GUN shooters,

Tomorrow's match has been cancelled due to the high fire danger at the range. The range will be closed from 6am tomorrow morning until 6am on the 30th. Please see the WEGC Range Report for additional details:

Our October match is scheduled for Saturday the 17th. We hope to see everyone there.


LESA Multi-Gun Staff


LESA MULTI-GUN shooters,

We will be hosting our match on the 4th Saturday this month, so our September match is scheduled for the 26th. We encourage everyone to check the WEGC Range Report ( the night before or morning of the match for information about range closures and creek levels.

We ask that you observe the following:

- If you are not feeling well, please stay at home.
- Maintain Social Distancing.
- Wear a mask and avoid touching your face.
- Bring exact change for match fees.
- Wash/sterilize your hands frequently – hand sanitizer will be provided to each squad. A wash station is available near Bay 8.

In an effort to avoid the afternoon heat, we will start the match an hour earlier this month. Registration will begin at 0730 and the mandatory safety briefing will begin at 0800. A $5 discount to the match fee will be given to those who arrive by 0630 to assist with stage setup.

Please register for the match on Practiscore by 1800 on Friday 9/25. We are not using the "pay in advance" feature.

To sign-up go to:


Go to and locate the match in the "clubs" section and sign up. Please note that you may be prompted to create a Practiscore account prior to registration. This is part of an ongoing process to provide the shooters more statistical and ranking information as a result of using the software. There is no charge to create this account. We are also requesting that you provide your mobile phone number in Practiscore so that we may send critical alerts as quickly as possible in the event of a range closure, match cancellation, etc. Message and data rates may apply.

The LESA Multi Gun Match Safety Briefing Form, LESA Multi Gun Match Social Distancing Requirements and WEGC Liability Waiver will be made available on the Practiscore Match Page as well as the LESA Multi Gun section of the WEGC Forum. Shooters will be required to acknowledge these forms and return a signed copy of the Safety Briefing Form during sign ups on the day of the match. Similar to the safety waiver, this form will only need to be signed once a year. Shooters who have not participated in this match since 1/1 of this year are also required to sign and return a WEGC Liability Waiver. The objective of this new approach is to reduce the length of time of the Shooter's Meeting prior to the match, thereby facilitating our social distancing efforts and allowing for an increase in stage par times to 120 seconds.

Remember, our match is a multi-gun event. If you wish to shoot just a pistol or pistol/shotgun you may, but scoring will be based on multiple guns rather than one. A pistol caliber carbine simply replaces a centerfire rifle, meaning you will still need to use a pistol in the PCC division. We have also implemented a new '2-Gun' division, which is comprised of rifle/PCC and pistol. Going forward, stages will be altered to accommodate pistol shooters when shotgun targets are used. We hope this format will not only enhance the shooter experience but bring additional shooters into the fold.

In an effort to save ammunition while keeping with the principles of LESA Multi-Gun, we will be adopting a "Modified C-Zone" scoring system starting this month. Under this system:
- One (1) "A" Zone hit neutralizes the target
- Two (2) "C" Zone hits will neutralize the target and will incur a 2 second penalty
Any hits landing outside of the C-Zone are not considered for scoring. Failure to neutralize Paper targets will result in a 5 second penalty. It is our hope that this new scoring system will keep the shooter's focus on accuracy while allowing each shooter to determine how much ammunition they want to expend on any Paper target.

Upon arriving at the range everyone is required to check-in with the Range Masters at the Main range and state they are shooting the LESA MULTI-GUN match. Please keep your speed to 5 mph on the range.

Expect 5 stages. The following bays will be utilized:

Stage 1 - Bay 6 (formerly 1)
Stage 2 - Bay 8 (formerly 3)
Stage 3 - Bay 10 (formerly 5)
Stage 4 - Bay 11 (formerly 6)
Stage 5 - 200 Yard Pad

The match fees are: Members $15.00 - Non-members $25.00. That's still a bargain considering other match fees are running $30-$40. A $5 discount to the match fee will be given to those who arrive by 0630 to assist with stage setup.

Here are the ammo requirements (these are suggested minimums):

400 pistol
50 Bird shot
100 rifle
10 Rifled slugs
10 rounds of 9 or 12 pellet 00 buckshot

If possible, please load your pistol & rifle magazines before the match starts to assure a prompt start. Please remember that the use of steel core or steel jacketed ammunition is prohibited.

Please refer to the LESA MULTI-GUN link on the excellent WEGC page for information and normal ammo requirements:

Shooters, please watch this video. Don't make these mistakes!

Contact us if you have questions. See you at the range - should be a great day for shooting.


George, Andrew, Terry and everyone else who assists with our match.

George Zagurski

Andrew Ellingwood
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